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Physical Therapy

What to expect at your first visit:

Please arrive for your first visit 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to finalize the registration and check-in process. If you have not completed the forms prior to your arrival, the receptionist will provide you with the necessary paperwork and will be available to assist you, at any time, should you have questions.


  1. Your insurance card

  2. The physician prescription for rehabilitation

  3. Your driver’s license or current photo ID

  4. Shorts, if being treated for a lower extremity issue

  5. Secondary health insurance information if you sustained a work injury or were involved in a motor vehicle accident

At GymFIT Physical Therapy, you should expect to begin each visit without delay. Your initial evaluation will consist of an interview and a physical examination. The length of the exam depends upon your diagnosis and the extent and complexity of the injury and symptoms.

You may want to bring your own shorts if you are being treated for your knee, hip, or low back. Women may want to wear a tank top or sports bra if being treated for their shoulder, neck or mid-back. Every physical examination consists of palpation and a variety of manual tests to assess strength, range of motion, joint mobility, pain, and functional abilities. Once the evaluation is complete, the therapist will discuss the clinical findings with you and describe the treatment plan. Time permitting, treatment will begin immediately following the evaluation. Typically, you will be provided a home program at the conclusion of your first visit.

Save time.  Download and fill out your new patient paperwork prior to your appointment!

Physical Therapist
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