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“Love the care that the GymFIT team gives with each visit! And to have this service right inside of the gym is the best!
2 in 1! Love it!”

— T. Hall

Our treatment method is not cookie cutter! It's #customFIT.  GymFIT Physical Therapy provides treatment for individuals who want to exercise, but are limited by pain. We have set out to implement the most effective and beneficial aspects of traditional outpatient physical therapy and fused them with a fitness approach.

GymFIT PT provides traditional therapy, fitness infused physical therapy and wellness programs in local corporate fitness centers and health clubs. Our partnerships allow our patients to receive free health club access during treatment and affordable membership rates when therapy is no longer necessary.

We empower our patients to exercise smart and safely by eliminating the guesswork associated with entering a fitness center after experiencing an injury. Learn how to rehab where you workout (or would like to workout!) and maximize your recovery potential.

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