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Manual Therapy


Manual therapy is an advanced level of physical therapy training that includes skilled, specific hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures. Expected outcomes may include managing pain, increasing range of motion, reducing soft tissue tension, eliminating joint inflammation, increasing joint mobility, improving joint stability, promoting proper recruitment of muscle groups, restoring normal movement patterns, improving general fitness and returning to work/sport/activity. Our practice of physical therapy concentrates on:

Soft Tissue Mobilization

This is designed to improve mobility by treating muscles, tendons and fascia as it relates to pain, posture and joint dysfunction. Specific techniques – such as massage, myofascial release and strain-counterstrain – are individualized to the patient’s dysfunction.

Therapeutic Stretching

This passive procedure involves the therapist moving patient into positions that are designed to lengthen muscle groups that have become tight or stiff due to injury or inactivity.

Joint Mobilization

These are active procedures where the physical therapist guides the patient as they use wedges/bolsters to improve altered mechanics of joint systems leading to dysfunctions.

Mechanical Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

This procedure involves using a machine to provide manual therapy such as trigger point release, percussion, scrapping and other techniques traditionally done with the hands.  Some common machines used are Theragun/Tim Tam.

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