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Wellness Programs

TacticalFIT Wellness

After serving the country for many years, military, law enforcement and firefighters have acquired physical conditions. These physical conditions can't be addressed by physical therapy alone.  After completing physical therapy, a transition into a thorough fitness program is needed. What specific path into fitness you should take, will determine you ability to reach your fitness goals. This program is designed specifically to transition you from physical therapy to fitness.

Need to prepare for a PT test?  Contact us to get ready with a specialized plan and meet your weight, strength and conditioning goals.

MomFIT Wellness

MomFIT Wellness is a program specifically for postnatal patients. After nine months of major change to a woman’s abdomen, the most important thing she can do after baby is to start strengthening the core muscles. A corrective exercise program will help the body to heal from the inside out, build stability, strength, and muscle endurance. This is one of the best courses of actions for a new mom. This program will help new mom’s address issues associated with childbirth such as decreased core strength, weight gain, or just getting back to your pre-pregnancy body. Every pregnancy doesn't cause the need for physical therapy, but if you feel like an individualized exercise program would benefit you give MomFIT Wellness a try.  Gym patrons who inquire about services will be asked to consult with their OB/GYN prior to treatment.

WeighFIT Wellness

Do you have a BMI over 25 with no pain and want to become more healthy? Do you have chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure? This program introduces you to a healthy and safe plan to maximize your weight loss efforts.  Programs include nutritional guidance and exercise programming with program design collaboration with licensed physical therapist as needed, taking into account past orthopedic history.  If you experience soreness or pain, after or during sessions, manual therapy services are available.

KidzFIT Wellness

This program is designed to maximize fun, health, wellness and function for kids 9-18 .  If it is weight loss, sports specific training, balance and coordination work we can meet their needs. Individual and small group sessions are available.  Teams are welcome!

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Wellness Programs


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